The Art of Mentoring

Mentorship is a timeless practice, an art form where the wisdom of experience intertwines with the fresh perspective of learning. At its core lies the principle of consistency, a steady rhythm that guides both mentor and mentee towards growth and enlightenment. Consistency in mentoring is akin to tending a garden. Just as a gardener nurtures plants with regular care and attention, a mentor cultivates the potential within their mentee through ongoing guidance and support. It's not about sporadic bursts of advice or occasional meetings; rather, it's the steady presence and unwavering commitment to the journey of development. One of the hallmarks of effective mentoring is the art of questioning. A mentor who consistently poses thought-provoking questions fosters a dynamic environment where curiosity thrives and learning flourishes. These questions serve as seeds planted in the fertile soil of the mentee's mind, sparking introspection, exploration, and growth. But let's not

The Power of Mentorship: Empowering Both Mentors and Students

In the journey of life, we all have the incredible opportunity to both mentor and be mentored. Regardless of our age, social status, or background, each one of us possesses unique experiences, insights, and wisdom that can positively impact others. Today, I want to remind you of the profound impact mentorship can have on both mentors and students, and the transformative power it holds in shaping lives. The Bible is replete with examples of mentorship and the transformative effect it can have on individuals. One such example is the relationship between Elijah and Elisha. In 2 Kings 2, we see how Elisha, a young man, wholeheartedly pursued Elijah, asking for a double portion of his spirit. Elijah became a mentor to Elisha, guiding and imparting wisdom to him. As a result, Elisha went on to perform miraculous deeds and became a mighty prophet in his own right. Similarly, in the New Testament, we see the relationship between Paul and Timothy. Paul took Timothy under his wing, mentoring him

Embrace A Mentor

Life is a remarkable adventure, and along the way, having a mentor can be a guiding light, illuminating the path to success and fulfillment. Embracing the wisdom of a mentor is like unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Mentors are not just guides; they are beacons of inspiration, offering insights that can shape your understanding and propel you toward your goals. Their experiences serve as roadmaps, helping you navigate challenges with confidence and resilience. In the presence of a mentor, you gain more than just information; you gain a partner in your personal and professional growth. Their encouragement and constructive feedback become catalysts for self-improvement. They've walked the path you're on, faced similar hurdles, and emerged stronger. Learning from their triumphs and setbacks is a priceless gift. Remember, embracing a mentor is not a sign of weakness but a declaration of your commitment to excellence. It is a recognition that growth is a collab

individual Differences in Mentoring.

As a mentor, it is very important your pay attention to individual differences among humans. You can't generalize everything and expect to have impact. One of the keys of becoming a healthy mentor is to pay attention to individual differences in people. Using animals as examples, what a lion appreciate is different from what a monkey will appreciate. So are humans, our individual temperament determines the way we perceive things. We have four different human temperaments wired in every human blood. Make your research, learnt and understand the right approach for each of your mentee. Comparing one person to another will fight your mentee instead of helping them. Each of your mentee is unique in their individual capacity. The capacity of learning among them is different. Some are low learners and some are fast learner while some don't even need supervision. They can engage in self learning. So, relate with each of your mentee according to their capacity. Don't generalize your

Locate A Mentor Today!

Mentoring Zone: Every thing God has committed into your care must be trained and cultivated in other for you to function in God's Glory. You need a mentor who will stretch you, train you, and encourage you to constantly become the best daily. There is some one that already have the answers to the questions you are struggling with right now. There is some one that already have solutions to the problems you are struggling to solve. Some one have conquered what you are fighting yet to be conquered. Identify this person and submit to mentorship. Self absorbed mentality or pride will cause you more pain and struggles. Every great man is some one that acknowledged he or she needs help, and this individual was able to identify, who is holding the answers to their questions, and then yielded for mentorship. Irrespective of God's personal dealing with you, there is still a room for God to use humans to share their knowledge and experience with you, as a sign of hope that you can be bett

Your Purpose & Your Mentor

Having a mentor is not bad but the approach can be bad. You don't accept any one as a mentor because of their glory, fame or social status Every body can not be your mentor. Your mentor is some one that is more experience or with more knowledge in any aspect of your life than you. This is defined by purpose. You need a mentor in making the discovery, preparation and fulfillment of your purpose easier for you. The demands of what your purpose needs to survive is what determine who can be your mentor. Your mentor should have the capacity to inspire you to learn, grow, stretch and become the best ACCORDING TO YOUR PURPOSE. Mentorship is lovely and it makes growth easier for you. Your mentor is not your friend. Your Mentor is not financial sponsor where you expect him or her to pay your bills. A mentors primary assignment is to help you conquer the ignorance in you and help you grow in the direction of Gods purpose for your life. What is purpose? Your purpose is the kind of solution Go

Talent and Purpose

Discovering your purpose without developing your talent is like a gun without bullet. Your talent is the platform that purpose find expression. Your purpose is what gives your talent a direction and life to function.  Your purpose must align with your talent if you must fulfill your purpose...the reason is this: your purpose is spiritual in nature....and your talent is physical in nature...without the physical...the spiritual can not manifest it self. Stop despising your talent all in the name of pursuing the discovery of your purpose.  Keep discovering your purpose and at the same time....keep developing or cultivating your talent. Ministry is Purpose + Cultivated Talent. This is the will of God for you.  HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you!! ®Baba Love

Whats in Your Package?

We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. Romans 12:6a. Perhaps you are wasting your life doing nothing with all you have. God packaged some things in you for the good of the world - use them. We will never see the wealth God planted in you until you bring it up. There's always something in you that we haven't yet seen because that's the way God thinks. Release your ability before you die. Use the power and strength with you for the good of yourself and others. I believe there are books, songs, art works, business, poems, inventions, and investments in you that God intended you to manifest. Don't give up until you have lived out the full extent of your potential, because you have no right to die with the best in you. Don't rob the next generation of wealth, treasure, and tremendous gifts buried deep within you. If you want to succeed, stricke out on new paths. Don't travel the worn path of accepted success. No man can climb beyond the limitations

Lead and Be Led

A mentor is some one that has any information or experience to share with help these people to be wiser and better in life. You are a mentor and trust me, there is some thing in your life some body, some where will need to get to their next level....with you believing in your self and sharing your knowledge... You can't be useful to anybody in life. You were born to be useful to this generation and it begins with what you already have within you.  Its time to be led. It is time to lead. Every body is a mentor and every mentor needs a mentor. HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you.

Growth and Improvement

The greatest thing you must stick to is improvement and growth. As long as you are conscious of comfort and will never rise to become all God has destined you to become and do. You are a mentor and the major thing you should focus on is growing and improving. The quality of your growth and improvement is what will help and inspire your study to focus on growth and improvement. You are better than this. Keep learning. Keep growing. In all you do or in your research, make sure you funnel every thing through the word of God. There are many kinds of knowledge but the knowledge you need is the one that is tested and trusted via the standard of God's Word. Be deliberate about your growth and be specific about your source of inspiration (God's Word). #Prince_Victor_Matthew #Hope_Expression_Family.

Walk In Peace

Beloved of God, Our heavenly father is interested in having a relationship with you...and also interested in your ability to keep healthy relationship with the people around you. If you relate with God well and yet despise don't know God... If you can despise humans you can see, how can you respect a God you have not seen. Let the world see Jesus in your life, and let them give the glory to the Father.... This is the will of God for you. #HopeExpression

Be Your Own Brand

You are your own platform and your day to day activity is your own pulpit. Stop waiting for that special moment some one will give you a platform to be what God has created you to be. Start from where you are. Learn from where you are. Prepare from where you are. BE YOUR OWN BRAND. Stop waiting for some one some where to approve you. YOUR BIRTH WAS A PROVE GOD HAS APPROVED QUALIFIED YOU FOR THIS CALL AND GRACE OF GOD UPON YOUR LIFE. Be encourage and run with Gods instruction and vision in your hand. Shalom!

Test Your Believes

To become whosoever God has created you to become, you must develop the attitude of questioning every thing that's surrounding you.  All the norms you have accepted as true. All you call your principles, it time to test them all over again.  Because your mum, teacher and the society says so doesn't mean it is right. *On whose judgement was it declared perfect  for your life?*   Please, examine all you have embrace and all your have learnt. Don't be blinded by the trust you have for the people that trained and taught you most of the things in life.  It's time to re-examine your believes, your values and your priority.  Because you met every body doing it doesn't mean it's what you need to fulfill destiny. Because your parents and family member believe and practice it doesn't mean it will help your destiny.  Open your heart to God and test all you have believed, your values, priorities and norms with the Word of God and with the Holy

Play Your Part

I need you to give attention to this. Every ministry has a pattern and specifications. Your specification and pattern will be determined by the clarity of the vision or assignment God has given you. No body own a vision, it's the vision that owns you and dictate what you ought to do and not to do. Daily seek to understand the pattern God has designed for his work in your hand. Ministry is not about success or achievement. Ministry is about accurate obedience to Gods instruction at the right time. Your bible study and prayer points ought to be dictated by the clarity of the vision God has given you. This is and will be in future the basic for your personal relationship with the Lord. I mean, a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. Never you value the people more than the vision. The vision is to the people, for the people and must stay with the people. What God has given you is bigger than you So play your part well as you prepare to hand over to the successor the Lord

How to Gain LIFE & LIGHT

Beloved!  I understand that praying is great and fasting is a necessity in the journey of Christ. I know that any field you belong - I want you to know there is a spirit and nature behind any profession.  There is a nature of God that's for doctor's. There is a nature of God that's for marriage. There is a nature of God for any phase or profession in life. If you don't possess that nature, you will operate and function like mere humans. There won't be any difference between you and the unbeliever's.   Before Jesus started his earth ministry while He was on earth; he received the nature at Jordan when the heavens opened up and this nature came upon him in a bodily form like a dove.  Jesus is the pattern son. For any field of life God has called you to function; I  want you to strive to ask God for the nature apportion for that calling or profession. In one word, this is called - *Divine Encounter.*   Divine Encounter is the clothing of

Beauty of Mistake

Beloved of God!  Self development is One  of the key factors that will build you in every phase of life God has called you.  In every teacher lies the heart of a student and every student has a teacher trapped inside of him or her. In Other words, you must learn to understand that you have what it takes.  You may not be there yet but you can be if you keep believing and working toward your capacity. Don't allow the success of other people make you feel despised or not good enough. Rather, I need you to allow the success of other people to make you believe  you too can make it!  Look  around you, you will see a lot of examples; some are failures and some are success. The example or role model you embrace will determine what you will become.  Yes! You have wasted years; that's not the problem, the challenge is what you are ready to do about it. You made a mistakes or you lost an opportunity, that's not the challenge; the challenge is what will you do w

A Judge or A Friend?

Beloved!  Insecurity is what makes you to be suspicious of your friends  and lovers.  When you begin to look for what is not missing, you will live with unsettled mind. When you are looking for some thing you are not meant to look for, you will surely see some thing you are not suppose to see.  When you put laws in to your hands and trust in your own wisdom without God, you might achieve result for some time. The truth is that you will fail so bad when you depend on Your  self.  Give!  Love!  Forgive!  Reconciliation is the only foundation that can help you build a healthy relationship.   Reconcile, redefine terms and be clear of your expectation.  Voice out with wisdom. The fact that some one made a mistake doesn't mean you are better than that person. You are here because God kept you - so let you boast  be in The Lord who has kept you.  The fact you succeeded doesn't mean those that failed, are inferior to you!  Don't suspect a